Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Photo Wednesday : Fuzzy Babies,Great & Small

My two fuzzy babies, Rose (top), and Sandy, or Snuffles, (bottom). Rose has gotten crazy in her old age, and Snuffles is kinda crazy too. They fit in the family, that's for sure!


  1. thanks for popping over to PBD! I see you are currently reading good in bed, such a fun book!

  2. Look at all those cuties!!! The teacup puppies totally tug at my heart but I think with my boys...well I think there would be safer places for a puppy to live :) Sad but true :) Hope you are having a good day! Tomorrow is friday!!! Yeah!

  3. Party Box Design-Your welcome, I love your pictures, they are stunning!

    Libbie- Yes, teacup dogs are my favorites. Right now I want a pug and a pomeranian. Thank you! Haha and my friday was terrific! :)