Monday, October 18, 2010


This stunning beauty...that I got for only about $50 at Old Navy!!! You know how there are clothes that you can't get when you went to the store, or loved and just didn't get, that you thought about the WHOLE time home?? Well, this was that kind of situation. We went shopping Sunday, and I didn't have enough money for it, but my mom went back later and got it while me, my sister, and 2 of my besties were eating ice cream! I love my mom, she is the best, and my dad, for giving me a good chunk of change to get clothes! What did you do this weekend?
Anyways, here are some of the people & things I'm obsessed with right now:

Pugs. I've REALLY been wanting one for a while now(since I was like, 12, ha.)

Laduree Macaroons. Never had one, but dying to try one. Might ask for a box for Christmas.

This lovely renovated hunting cabin. Perfect size house, since I plan on it just being me & the fuzzy babies I have.

One of my idols, I Love Marie Antoinette & the 18th century. My idols are Audrey Hepburn, Marie Antoinette, Emma Watson, Taylor Swift, Meg Cabot, and many more inspiring women I can't think of.

Well, I hope you had a lovely Monday(as lovely as can be). Bonjour for today! :)

Hugs & Well Wishes,

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