Saturday, October 9, 2010

My Absolute Favorite Bath Products

I had a really fun, but tiring, night last night. I'm in my high school's chorus, and we are going to Disney World to sing for a special concert in April. We are raising money for the trip, so we had a concert with the chorus members singing and some local artists performing. We also were allowed to sell food, so I had my mom and some other relatives make some baked goods to sell, and we raised almost $100, which we thought was quite good, since it was not advertised AT ALL.
Well, on to a whole other subject. I thought since last night was so stressful, I thought I would do a fun post about my favorite bath products, because, you know, everyone has to use bath products! Here are my favorites.

THIS IS THE BEST SHOWER GEL EVER! True Blue Saffron & Fig Shower Gel smells heavenly, actually leaves a scent, because most don't which annoys me, AND it was dirt cheap! Sadly, they don't sell it any more. :(

Ever since I can remember, I've been using Dove Sensitive Skin soap. I like my soap unscented
and natural (enough), so this stuff is perfect! It makes my skin really smooth, too.

I LOVE Herbal Essences. It is such a great shampoo, because it combines a great smell and actually works and does what it says on the label. Also, they have a different type for every hair style : colored, straight, frizzy, curly, you name it, they got it!

Well, now that I've told you what I use, tell me your favorite bath products!

Hugs and kisses,

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