Sunday, December 12, 2010

Love Of the Day: 10

Today I am loving: ice cream.
I have been craving a bowl of this for a little while now, and I finally found some delectable white chocolate macadamia nut ice cream. I just now finished it, and it was pure heaven! Actually, one of the things on my bucket list is to have some gelato from Italy one day. Yum!
Hugs & Best Wishes,
P.S. Has anyone got some snow today? We got a dusting this morning, and I am hoping we will get more to play in tomorrow!


  1. Hello Lizzie, thank you soooooo much for following my blog... so ofcourse I was curiou about you and look/read your blog. It's great stuff ur posting... and fab pics! Ice cream... hmm not for me rigth now it's freezing -7 Celcius here in The Netherlands... had snow, luckily gone .. got a bit too dangerous!
    Hugs, Carolyn

  2. ohhhh, I love ice cream especially with jimmies. We call them jimmies in Milwaukee, WI. Thats where I am from.
    xxx :-) Emily from EL Vintage

    PS- Come enter in my giveaway. I would love it if you did! xx

  3. oh my goodness, it's not even ten am right now and i want that ice cream so bad!

  4. Carolyn- You are very welcome! Of course I am going to like your blog, it is so gorgeous! And I understand...yuo probably look more forward to cake and some coffee or tea, and I don't blame you! Also, hope it gets warmer and hugs back to you!

    styleforlife- Yes, so do I. I actually love both the names sprinkles and jimmies, they are too cute! And I will go and enter!

    Higgenbottom- LOL, I know, it had the same effect on me when I first set eyes on it! Have a great day!