Monday, June 20, 2011

Back from the Break! (With A Lovely Treat....)

Hey! To those who are still reading, thanks, and I'm sorry I've been gone for so long. The explanation is that I got into a funk of uninspiration. I wasn't "feeling it". Putting together posts was starting to become a thing that I dreaded, so I decided to take a hiatus until I felt re-inspired. So now, I'm back, and the posts will be better then ever! Cheers, to a "new" beginning! :)

Here is the treat! This is Rhiannon, of Hey Gorgeous' (notice the custom art?) "girl cave". It was featured on MadeByGirl, and I just had to share! For Rhiannon's comments on her girl cave and where to buy similar items, check out MadeByGirl. Also, check out Hey Gorgeous...neither blog disapoints.

Thank you card board. Love it.Wanted one of these wire letters for awhile.

Rhiannon and her cat(fellow kitty love!*smiles*), Chenks.

I want one that says "Keep Calm and Stay Southern". Zebra!
LOVE. I actually asked for a zebra head on my b-day wosh list, from Anthropologie. But I do love Mr.Rhino. (All photos from MadeByGirl, Taken by Jenna McKenzie Photography)

Have a happy rest of Monday!

Hugs & Best Wishes,


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