Monday, November 8, 2010

I'm Sick....

Yep, I'm sick. And it is oh so fun. Not. I have some type of virus on my lungs, and since I have asthma, its 10 times as worse because of that. I was taking cough syrup and a Z-pack, but I got worse on Saturday (I think its cause we went shopping with my Granny, and it was too much walking around and stuff), so it wasn't working. Now I am taking some steroid for my lungs to build up immunity (or something like that), and lucky me, it cause sweating and the munchies. The only good things out of this is are not having to go to school and getting some time to catch up on reading! So, please, say a little prayer for me, if you will.

Other than that, here are the GAWWW-GEOUS cowboy boots I got on said shopping trip with my Granny. They have 3 rosettes on the sides, and are a wonderful brown color that will match my clothes. Can't wait to go back to school Wednesday so I can show these babies off!

Aren't they stunning? Anyhow, what are you guys wanting for Christmas this year? If you have any ideas for me, I would love to hear them! All the things that I like are on my sidebar. Also, I will return the favor if you ask! Tata for now, darlings!

Hugs & Best Wishes,


  1. hi...
    oh i hope you feel better really soon, said a prayer for you too...know what it's like with the asthma...
    for Christmas...hmmm..I think if Santa brought me a $100 Barnes and Noble gift card and a $100 Michael's gift card and registered me for a awesome art class with my favorite asseblege artist...I would just float away!!!lol
    take care please!!
    have a great night and stay away from drafts:)

  2. Incipient Wings- Thank you so much! I think your prayer helped, I am going back to school tomorrow. Your wish list sounds pretty awesome! Would love to have a $100 gift card to Barnes & Noble; its quite sad but I've always wanted a $100 gift card to there, I've only got to $50! I would use it to buy Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic Interiors, Lauren Conrad's Style, and Dylan Lauren's new book about her store, Dylan's Candy Bar! I do love Michael's too!
    Have a good day & great hearing from you!,